Aquaman 2 was one of the centre of attraction at the Brazilian Comic-Con Experience (CCXP) in São Paulo. Fans were buzzing with excitement when the Thunder Stage welcomed none other than the charismatic Jason Momoa, along with his Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom comrades: Patrick Wilson, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, and director James Wan. Together, they spilled the details on the much-anticipated sequel to the underwater epic.

Even though there are enough glimpses of this movie, the CCXP panel didn’t leave fans high and dry. Momoa, Wilson, and Abdul-Mateen II delved deep into their characters, giving fans a taste of what’s to come in this aquatic adventure. Director James Wan, meanwhile, navigated the challenges of bringing this beloved franchise back to the big screen amid shifts in the DC cinematic universe and behind-the-scenes drama.

James Wan reveals what seemed to be Aquaman 2 opening scene

Source – Warner Bros.

Although, James Wan didn’t mention that the scene fans are seeing is an opening scene, it can be speculated that it is indeed.

The scene showcases Arthur, juggling fatherhood and his Atlantis throne, recaps the first film for his baby, offering a glimpse into a more intricately developed Atlantis. The visuals promise a breathtaking spectacle, showcasing the everyday life of Atlantean citizens – from romantic dates to serene moments in their underwater world.

CCXP attendees were in for a treat as an action-packed sequence unfolded on screen, featuring none other than Atlanna (Nicole Kidman). The former queen engages in a relentless battle to protect Atlantis from invaders attempting to reach a mysterious destination. The adrenaline-fueled chase scene leads Atlanna to seek help from Aquaman, setting the stage for a rescue mission involving none other than Orm (Wilson), Arthur’s brother.

Topo the Octopus teased in Aquaman 2

Source – Warner Bros.

Topo the Octopus is a recurring character of the Aquaman storyline. Initially encountered as a baby octopus at Amnesty Bay when Arthur was six, Topo would visit Arthur at the beach over the years, developing a unique bond.

At the age of 13, Topo demonstrated a level of intelligence and understanding by responding to Arthur’s greetings and appearing after a prolonged absence. During a conversation between Arthur and Topo, Arthur reflected on a recent incident at the Boston Aquarium, where sea creatures seemingly protected him, sparking thoughts about his ability to communicate with marine life.

In the scene shown at CCXP, Atlanna assigns a reluctant ally to join Arthur on the dangerous quest: Topo. James Wan says that Topo will have a higher screen presence than the first film. Topo also plays a significant role in rescuing Orm; Arthur’s brother.

As the plot thickens, the CCXP teaser promises a rollercoaster of emotions, alliances, and, of course, breathtaking underwater spectacles.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is gearing up to be a thrilling and visually stunning ride. The CCXP revelations have left fans eagerly anticipating the official return of the DCEU’s aquatic hero. With new depths to explore, characters to root for, and a world more vibrant than ever, the sequel is poised to make waves in the superhero cinematic landscape. Get ready to dive deep into the Lost Kingdom – it’s going to be one unforgettable underwater adventure!

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