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There are just a few days before Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 releases. With filming officially wrapped as of May 2022, director James Gunn has confirmed this will be your beloved Guardians’ last hurrah.

You last saw Guardians in Guardians of The Galaxy: Holiday Special. After, Avengers: Infinity War, you never get to see things from their perspective. They’re still mourning for Gamora.

The Guardians have purchased Knowhere and turned it into a safe haven for alien refugees, showing that they have truly become a force for good in the galaxy. And with the addition of Cosmo, the psychic Soviet space dog, the group has only become more eclectic and endearing.

What is the plot for Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 3?

Here’s the official plot synopsis:

In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, our beloved band of misfits are looking a bit different these days. Peter Quill, still reeling from the loss of Gamora, must rally his team around him to defend the universe along with protecting one of their own. A mission that, if not completed successfully, could quite possibly lead to the end of the Guardians as we know them.

The plot of this movie is based on the Guardians going on a journey to save Rocket and in doing so, they put their own lives at risk.

At the end of Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2. you see Ayesha, The Golden High Priestess of The Sovereign trying to create something. She then takes The High Evolutionary’s help and thus creates Adam Warlock.

Adam Warlock goes to Knowhere to kill The Guardians and capture Rocket for The High Evolutionary. This is when the scenes in the trailer take place.

After that Peter Quill tracks down The High Evolutionary and The Guardians go to Counter Earth to stop him and Adam Warlock. But then they come to know about High Evolutionary’s devious plan

Director James Gunn has promised that this installment will be different from what we’re used to seeing, and it’s going to be the “hardest thing” he’s ever done. But don’t worry, there will still be plenty of laughs to balance out the tears. Karen Gillan has even hinted at more improvisation and self-deprecating humor than ever before.

Will Gamora be there in Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 3?

At the end of Avengers: Endgame, Gamora didn’t go back to 2014. Hence, in this movie, there will still be 2014’s Gamora.

Source – Marvel Studios

But Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, is still reeling from the loss of his former love, Gamora, who was sacrificed by Thanos in Infinity War. Peter is on a mission to track her down.

And when the two finally cross paths, sparks are sure to fly. Gamora is now the Ravagers’ new leader, which means she’s got a whole new attitude and a brand new crew. From the trailer it’s evident that she teams up with the Guardians.

This creates a lot of funny moments. Peter Quill is trying to win her. But this Gamora is tough and often takes down Quill. She also doesn’t understand Groot.

Gamora’s Ravager connection is what brings Sylvester Stallone’s Stakar Ogord and Michael Rosenbaum’s Martinex.

Who is Adam Warlock?

To explain it better Adam Warlock is just how Vision was in Avengers: Age of Ultron. He’s a baby. He’s age is one day in this movie. He is a genetically perfect synthetic human.

adam warlock
Source – Marvel Studios

Along with strength, speed, durability and flight he also has the ability to absorb and channel cosmic energy via Quantum Magic. It’ll be interesting to see how he holds up.

As already explained, Ayesha and The High Evolutionary create Adam Warlock. With innate energy-based powers, he is already a formidable force, but when he wields the Soul Gem, he becomes one of the most powerful warriors in the universe.

So, initially he will be against the Guardians and might even kill one of them. But towards the end of this movie, he’ll realize that Guardians are not the real enemy and that he was a puppet for Ayesha.

That’s when he’ll be a totally different character.

Warlock has been a frequent ally of teams like the Fantastic Four and the Guardians of the Galaxy, often fighting to protect the universe from villains who seek to rule it.

Who is The High Evolutionary?

Herbert Wyndham, better known as the High Evolutionary, is a fascinating character in the Marvel Universe. A brilliant geneticist, he started his journey to become the High Evolutionary as a curious student in the 1920s. His thirst for knowledge and understanding of genetics led him to work with his partner Jonathan Drew and experiment with genetic codes.

Both Drew and Wyndham traveled to Wundagore Mountain (yes, the same one Doctor Strange 2) to set up a new facility. Drew’s daughter fell ill over there because of the uranium radiation and hence he had to leave.

high evolutionary
Source – Marvel Studios

Wyndham builds a new armor for himself and begins experimenting to develop a hybrid version of animals and humans. Soon he develops a new species called The New Men. You’ve already seen The New Men in the trailer. They’ve the looks of animals but the intellect of humans.

Rocket was also created as a result of The High Evolutionary’s experiments.

His obsession leads him to own an entire planet just like Earth named Counter Earth. Counter Earth is where The New Men reside. These people have their own separate lives and feel like they’re an important part of the planet.

But The High Evolutionary merely considers them as experiment. He is also a sociopath and a narcissist.

The trailer shows The New Men on Counter Earth.

It’s possible that James Gunn has kept the same story for High Evolutionary in this movie.

Is Drax going to die in this movie?

After Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 3., Dave Bautista is quitting Marvel and so is Zoe Saldana. Gunn has already hinted that Drax might die in this movie.

But it’s possible that Rocket might also put his life in danger.

How many post-credit scenes are there in Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 3?

James Gunn has confirmed that there will be not one, but two post-credits scenes, so make sure you stick around until the very end. This film promises to be a bittersweet moment for everyone involved.

The post credit scenes will be loosely tied to the MCU as this movie is meant to put an end to Guardians. James Gunn will definitely not return to Marvel Studios for any projects. If Marvel deems necessary, they may still use Guardians in Secret Wars.

However, nothing has been confirmed about that.

Syllvester Stallone’s Star Okor will also be back in this movie. He’s the leader of Guardians 3000 team which debuted in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. In the comics, that is the original Guardians’ team.

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