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The Boys Season 3 will soon be dropping in I’m really very excited for that. The Boys is an adaptation of comics of the same name. The Boys is more of a dark parody of superheroes.

Amazon is keeping its lips tight on what’s going to happen in this season. But some of the things are pretty obvious from the trailer:

The Boys Season 3: Trailer

Here’s everything you need to know about The Boys Season 3:

The Boys Season 3 – Plot

After the events of Season 2, The Boys still seem to be trying to find evidence against Vaught. As seen from the trailer, Homelander has lost his mind and seems to be doing weird things.

The Boys Season 3: Everything you need to know
Image Source – Google | Image By – Amazon

Creator Eric Kripke told Entertainment Weekly, “The boys will explore The Seven before The Seven.” Hence, this season introduces Soldier Boy played by Supernatural star Jenson Ackles. Soldier Boy is directly inspired by Captain America.

The field will further be leveled by Soldier Boy’s original team Payback which consisted of Stormfront, Eagle The Archer, Tek Knight and Crimson Countess. Further in the trailer we also see Countess killing a person.

The peculiarity about Soldier Boy is that he doesn’t hide his true nature like Homelander. He stays true to his duty but doesn’t hold on to his punches and is even willing to kill someone for the sake of his duty. With his introduction, The Boys Season 3 dives into the history of World War 2 era America.

Kripke has further told TV Guide that Soldier Boy has a surprise connection to stormfront.

Also, as seen from the trailer, Billy Butcher gets to know about a pill which can make anyone a Supe for 24 hours. So, it’ll be interesting to see if Butcher crosses the line and becomes the monster or not.

The Boys Season 3: Everything you need to know
Image Source – Google | Image By – Amazon

We also have Victoria Newman who till now has been hiding her true identity of Supe successfully. In this season however, Hughie Campbell will learn her secret.

So, there will be a few different storylines which will merge into one.

Release Date

The first three episodes of The Boys will release on June 3 and then there will be weekly episodes every Friday until July 8. This season has just 8 episodes.

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